Maritime Safety and Security Graduate Certificate

Program Director
Barry Bunin

The objectives of this program are to provide the student with the operational and technological skills to deal with the international safety and security issues facing the Maritime Transportation System. The student’s perspective may be that of a vessel or port operator, port authority, or military or governmental security agency. Risk-based analyses are performed to assess concerns related to vessel and shore labor practices, navigational security and safety including cargo (e.g., oil spills) and vessel traffic (e.g., collisions). Acoustic and electromagnetic sensor and security technologies are studied, with a focus on their application to various security threat scenarios, including terrorism, piracy, and crime.




Course #Course NameInstructor (s)Semester
OE/EE/PEP/EN560 or CE561Fundamentals of Remote SensingDimitri DonskoyFall-2015
OE529Maritime Safety and SecurityBarry Bunin, Thomas WakemanTBA
OE628Technologies for Maritime SecurityAlexander Sutin, Barry BuninSpring I-2015
OE629Advanced Maritime SecurityBarry Bunin, Thomas WakemanTBA



General Information
Credits 3 Credits Per Course/12 Credits Per Certificate
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If you're a professional with a bachelor's degree, you can earn a graduate certificate or a masters degree in an outstanding online Maritime Safety and Security program delivered by the same superior faculty who teach in conventional settings. You receive the finest professional education using rich Internet features -- threaded discussions, chat, bulletin boards, e-mail, file sharing, whiteboards, and workgroups for in-depth participation. You also have online library privileges, with instant search and retrieval of important databases.

 The use of recorded sessions made it easier to learn and understand some difficult concepts."
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