About WebCampus

WebCampus is the Online Learning unit of Stevens Institute of Technology.  WebCampus was created to serve busy mid-career professionals who want to enhance their careers but don’t have time to commute to class. WebCampus provides programs in management, engineering, and technology that are designed to provide the best possible online learning experience. 

The award-winning WebCampus programs are comprehensive, practical, and are designed with the adult learner in mind.  WebCampus courses cover the same content as those that are conducted in conventional classrooms.  Students who complete their studies online receive the same degree, recognition, and credentials as their on-campus counterparts.  

WebCampus students have access to the full range of university services at Stevens Institute of Technology (including advising, career services, and online library services) to help them maximize their potential. 

Check out the video below to see the layout for a typical WebCampus course: 

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About WebCampus

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