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This unique Biomedical Engineering program is designed for individual work or interdisciplinary collaboration. For teams of students, thesis and other projects are managed together, with each student representing a different discipline, contributing to the project in his or her area of strength while sharing knowledge with other team members. In this approach, you may produce your own thesis, extracting relevant aspects from your team. Advisors with varying expertise are assigned to projects, providing depth and promoting collaboration. The advisory team may include a clinician as a resource. For example, in a project in which an electrical signal is delivered to a patient, the team may incorporate students from Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Technology Management. Your advisory team may consist of experts in Biomedical Physiology, Signal Processing, and Biophysics, with an industry expert and a physician.


Course #Course NameInstructor (s)Semester
BME/NANO675NanomedicineHongjun WangTBA
BME503Physiological SystemsTBATBA
CH691Introduction to Systems BiologyJoseph GlavyTBA
CH695OrganellesJoseph GlavySummer A-2015
CPE585/BME504Medical Instrumentation and ImagingHong ManFall-2015, Spring I-2015

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Credits 3 Credits Per Course/12 Credits Per Certificate
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A graduate certificate program from Stevens' Charles V. Schaefer School of Engineering available online. Co-sponsored by AACEI, ACM, AIChE, IEEE, NECA, NSPE, and SNAME.

If you’re a professional with a bachelor’s degree, you can earn a graduate certificate in this outstanding online program, Biomedical Engineering, a four-course program delivered by the same superior faculty who teach in conventional settings. You receive the finest professional education using rich e-learning features—threaded discussions, chat, bulletin boards, e-mail, file sharing, whiteboards, and workgroups for in-depth participation. You also have online library privileges, with instant search and retrieval of important databases.

Excellent collection of knowledge from industry experts."
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