Software Testing, Quality Assurance and Maintenance (SSW567)

Course Instructor
Linda Laird

Effective software testing is the hallmark of trustworthy software systems. In this online graduate course, you learn about the various modes of testing needed for quality software systems. Get an intensive look at real-world software testing coupled with a liberal number of case histories. Build a library of test cases using call setup, clearing, restart, and reset state diagrams. Learn to appreciate boundary conditions in structural and functional testing. Test two sorting routines to determine if boundary conditions and performance requirements are met. Build test cases with orthogonal array tables. Explore alternative test approaches, such as negative testing and risk-based testing, to certify software reliability. The course concludes with Web-based testing.

The WebCampus learning environment forces students to apply themselves. That’s what I like about it. Accountability is at its highest in Stevens’ WebCampus."
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